Brainwaves Episode 52 – Controversial Machines

Iain M thought he was going to have a nice relaxing time in the Brainwaves studios over lockdown but no! There is so much news that it is threatening to bury the entire HQ! Together the team dig into the giant piles to bring you only the best nuggets of news; CAH revelations continue, WOTC part ways with artist, Ennies deals with their own controversy, AI taking over and much, much more in this episode of Brainwaves Episode 52.

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Cards against humanity head ousted

Medium Story

Union Story

Wizards of the Coast parts way with Magic the Gathering artist

Zak S Cast

Ennies announced amidst Lancer controversy


Controversy article

Meeting of Minds – Loke Battlemats


DMs Guild removes book from sale for provocative art

AI set loose on Diplomacy

Alpha Go Episode

Assembly Link 

Tabletop Games Blog Link

Marvel and Games Workshop Team Up

Tabletop Mentorship announces Micro-Grants

Stephen Buonocore to Step Down as President of Stronghold Games

Boardgamegeek acquires TabletopEvents

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