Brainwaves Episode 53 – Meddling Wizards

The HQ is on red alert as the news tubes fill up with more information than they can handle. Setting the interns on the problem Iain M and Jamie set about getting the podcast done to reduce the strain on the system whilst Iain C is lost somewhere in the piles of news! This episode we report on the return of Golden Bell to crowdfunding, Wizards having more employee troubles, Twitter Bans, Scrabble bans, deaths, awards and loads more in episode 53 of Brainwaves.

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Golden Bell Studios launches crowdfunding site

Growing Tree House

Wizards Employee Troubles

Bell of Lost Souls article

Bell of Lost souls on Wizards Apology

Eric Lang twitter ban

1st post

2nd Post


Mythic Update

Episode 42

Jim Holloway has Died

Dice Tower Awards

Scrabble bans offensive words

Edinburgh Games Lab

Asmodee buys Libellud

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