Brainwaves Episode 83 – Financial Insults

Jamie has plans to lose weight by emulating Richard from We’re Not Wizards and run around Origins. Restrictions being what they are, he settles on a novel solution. Whilst he gets ready the team cover the latest in tabletop news from controversy at Paizo, to Boardgame Arena insults and more on episode 83 of Brainwaves. 

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Paizo Publishing

Asmodee up for sale

Boardgame Arena insults other platforms


Jeff Bergen update

Global Shipping update–Haq3zo

Tabletop Gaming Awards announced

Diana Jones and the Missing Award

DnD 6th Edition

Niantic shuts down AR Catan

Asmodee announces Ticket to Ride play pink

Women’s chess gets an unwelcome sponsor

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Sir Meeple 


Monopoly meets Fortnite

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