Tabletop Scotland – Convention Preview

In the dark chapter of the last two years the world of tabletop became the world of the desktop. Digital adaptations and platforms allowed us to indulge in our hobby, while not risking the health of ourselves or those we play with. 

As we have emerged from isolation, we have rejoiced in chucking dice. We listen to the clatter of polyhedrals across the table as they determine fates both ecstatic and devastating. The draw of a card, the flick of a rulebook, the feel of a cube in the hand, all bring us back to the physicality of the hobby, to the reason we play games. For connection. We have looked forward to connecting. One of the ways the hobby expresses that desire is to hold large celebrations. We attend conventions. 

Tabletop Scotland was kicked off in 2018 and I was so excited to see a new, ambitious con making its debut. I helped out in my own small way in 2018 and 2019, running the playtest zone and making myself useful wherever I could. This year Tabletop Scotland is back and I am footloose and fancy free, attending as a punter rather than a volunteer. I’ve had a chance to pour over the offerings from this year and wanted to highlight a few exhibitors that have caught my attention and I think you should check out. This are in alphabetical order.

All Rolled Up

I have one of their roll up storage things for RPGs and it is totally indispensable to me now. Enough room to store pens, dice and extras they come in a variety of styles and sizes. They make loads of other accessories as well I really think you should check out. 

Bazzite Games

A Scottish publisher I’ve never heard of definitely warrants a visit. While their game doesn’t sound totally up my street, I always like to meet new folk on the scene and show my support in any way I can. 

Common Ground Games

The best games venue in Scotland by anyone’s reckoning. Usually has loads of cool skirmish games  amongst other gaming goodies. Check out their stand at the con and be sure to check out their store in Stirling if you are ever in the area. You’ll be blown away by how good it is. 

D. Taylor Woodworking

Friend of mine has one of the dice organisers and it is a really nice piece of work. They make all sorts of beautiful wood products that you should at the very least go and touch and fawn over. 

Eerie Idol Games

As you know I don’t do crowdfunding previews anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be interested in games that go that route. I have no idea what Old King’s Crown from Eerie Idol Games is going to be like, but I do know that the art is absolutely captivating. Hoping to get a demo and a chat.  

Cards for Old King's Crown.
Just look at those!

Fyrnwest Games

Don’t know these folks and their game pitch for ‘Midhalla’ sounds….odd. I like odd.

Handiwork Games

This Scottish games company have been absolutely knocking it out of the park for the last few years and I am eagerly anticipating getting to sit down and read a|state now the PDF is out (I backed it on Kickstarter). They have a range of games from family friendly card games to weird RPGs and a design and art ethos that I really appreciate. Looking forward to catching up with head honcho Jon Hodgson

Sinister Fish Games

I was a big fan of Villagers when it came out and although Streets kind of passed me by, I am hoping to see how their new game Moon finishes off the series. Check out Villagers at the very least which is a compact engine builder. Might pick up shifting seasons, the expansion, if they have it along.

Stuff by Bez

Bez must be the most prolific designer I know of, second only to the great Knizia himself. She has produced loads of interesting sounding, and intricately titled games, every year for the past few years. If previous appearances at conventions are anything to go by, she will have something hot off the presses for Tabletop Scotland. 

Wokson Studios

Another publisher I’ve not really heard of before but I like the pitch and the art of their first tabletop game Grove. 

Can’t wait to dive into this.

That’s just 10 of the many exhibitors that will be along at Tabletop Scotland. I’ll be chucking a bunch of games at the charity auction and bring and buy. I’m looking forward to catching up with loads of folks I haven’t seen in ages and of course triumphing at the Unlucky Frog run pub quiz. If you see me or Jamie around the convention do come and say hi. I’ll be touring the halls on the Saturday with Sunday being just for playing games.

Bring it on.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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