Brainwaves Episode 114 – OMG OGL!

The team are back after a bit of a break! In Brainwaves Episode 114 we cover all the latest with Wizards of the Coast OGL announcements and have two interviews: one with Linda Codega who broke the story and one with Jon Hodgson who runs Handiwork Games. It’s our biggest piece yet on the show and we hope you enjoy it. 

Not only that but we report on a new RPG union in Europe, Gil Hova shutting up shop, GW share prices and the largest monopoly collection in the world! 

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WIzards of the Coast updates the Open Gaming License

Linda Codega Pieces

Linda’s Twitter

The piece that broke the news

The 1.1 leaked document

OGL announcement cancelled

Wizards response  reaction

The piece about the culture  inside Wizards

Linda’s most recent post summarising the situation

Wizards replies

The first response we read out

Kyle Brink first post

The “playtest post”

The Alexandrian

Open DnD movement

Paizo announcements

Handiwork Games

Critical Role response


European RPG publishers band together

Funagain Distribution closes doors

Formal Ferret Games closing down

Games workshop share price falls

Jobs, Opportunities, and Events

Cardboard Edison awards are open

Patreon Shoutouts

James Naylor

Shaun Newan

Our Patreon

Support Us

Metallic Dice Games


Sir Meeple


The world’s largest Monopoly collection

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