Brainwaves Episode 116 – Bank Wyrm

It’s Jamie’s last cast for a little while and it is full of news. From Wyrmwood handling of sexual assault allegations to Hasbro bank troubles and companies not delivering on time. There are even two pieces of Monopoly news, just for Jamie. All this, and more, in episode 116 of Brainwaves.

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Wyrmwood Gaming Sexual Assault

The Wyrmwood video mentioned in this piece has since been taken down.

Their statement is below

Andrew’s videos

Some collated timelines

Holy Grail Games

Hasbro slapped by Bank of America

Earnings Call


Chess Grandmaster under investigation

As D’or announced

Games Workshop sales flat

Zweihander publisher shuts RPG division 

Chai KS delivery (if you search for, you’ll probably find that comment there) (pledge manager Gamefound)

Jobs, Opportunities, and Events

RPG Bundle for Turkey

Session Zero

Patreon Shoutouts

James Naylor

Shaun Newan

Our Patreon


Support Us

Metallic Dice Games


Sir Meeple


Lifesized monopoly 

Where do we GO?

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