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I gave netrunner nationals a skip but decided to dive head first into some competitive doomtown, having played about 15 games since the game was released under it’s LCG model.
Doomtown is a game set in the weird west, a mash up of steampunk, magic, horrors from beyond and the good old wild west. Over the course of a game you build a town out of deeds that are worth control points and employ dudes that have influence. If at the end of a round you have more control points on your deeds than your opponent has influence on dudes you win! Simple…sort of.
I’ll write up as a go, looks like it’s going to be 4-5 rounds swiss with a cut to top 2/4. Here we go!
It’s going to be 5 rounds with a cut, I’m playing Fourth Ring: Oddities of Nature.
Round 1 – Paul playing Morgan Cattle Company
Paul was running core Morgan so I was expecting a deedslide deck of some descritption. He started with 5 dudes leaving him pretty poor and I got off to a great start with a General store round 1. He managed to get out some deeds with his home ability but it didn’t take me long to build up enough shooters to go on a clown rampage and take over the town.
Round 2 – Jimi playing Desolation Row
I knew that Desolation Row was pretty strong in the current meta but I had only played against local decks that I had some success against, but not a lot. Jimi started out aggressive and I made a couple of misplays where I could have controlled the town square a bit better. Once he started coming after my dudes it was all over and I don’t think we got past round 2. Sad Clowns.
Round 3 – Carl playing Morgan Cattle Company
This matchup was a fantastic game of chess that I lost when it came down to the wire. Carl played smart and I made some misplays including missing an opportunity to win. The clowns performed well but I think I need a bit more influence in the deck that doesn’t drop off my dudes so easily. The game went to time and was easily the most intense game I’ve played over the weekend.
Won every shootout easily but I think I might need even more ways to go after dudes and make the deck more aggressive.
Round 4 – Louise playing Desolation row
Louise started out with a less aggressive line up than Jimi’s deck so I felt safe contesting the first job she tried to pull in town square. This proved to be a good plan as it cut off her economy and allowed me to ramp up: Summoning giving me the control points to win and my board control putting a kybosh on any sneaky Sloan plans. Game went to me in the 4th round or so.
Round 5 – Andy playing Law Dogs
The new grifter for Law Dogs is so good, I really didn’t see this stuff coming. He can make any dude wanted before the game starts, regardless of influence and it just went wrong from there. I think starting a bit more stud would have been a good plan against both Sloan and Law Dogs Andy quickly made my Arnold wanted and then it was a couple of bounty hunters later that it all went horribly wrong. I think I need some more dudes in the deck with permanent influence for sure.
Had a great time playing and met some really nice folks. Scored myself a nice promo card and in a random stroke of fate, this fantastic deck box made by one of the players. You can contact him here.
Now back to the drawing board with the deck.
PS A few piccies of the tournament.

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