About Us

The Giant Brain has been about for a number of years first as a small design and publishing outfit and more recently as an outlet for Iain’s writing. In 2018 Iain hooked up with his friends Jamie and Sam to start a new podcast called Brainwaves with a news focus and the rest is history.  Come and meet the team!

Iain McAllister (He/Him)

Iain occasionally grows tree horns

Coming from the far north, otherwise known as Tain in the Highlands of Scotland, Iain is the head honcho of The Giant Brain. Growing up on a diet of Ravensburger imports and more traditional games he found his way to the hobby through choose your own adventure books, Games Workshop and roleplaying games.

Iain loves games with strong themes that tell emergent stories and he tries to keep his game tastes as eclectic as possible. When he isn’t writing about, playing or designing games he is mostly cuddling dogs, cycling bikes or trying to keep up with his wife who likes to run further than you might imagine.

Jamie Adams (He/Him)

Professional Handsome Man

Striding in from the Wild West End of Glasgow, Jamie Adams decided that he would spend the rest of his life being a professional liar (some people call it acting). It doesn’t help him in bluffing or social deduction games though but does come in useful when preparing skits for the Brainwaves Podcast.

Jamie’s interests include always being first to know when it’s raining, Taekwondo, tea drinking and endlessly telling people that Rhino Hero is the best game under £10. If he was ship wrecked on a desert island, he would only need to bring Jamaica with him providing him with food, money and boats to attempt an escape.

Previous Staff Members

Iain Chantler (He/Him)

Even when slightly fuzzy Iain Chantler is the most handsome Iain on the cast

Recruited because there just were not enough Iain’s on the cast, Iain Chantler is our newest staff member and has been doing excellent work.

Iain studies Design and Innovation at the Open University and spends a lot of time thinking about boardgames. When he’s not doing those things, he can be found cycling, bouldering or attending to his cat’s (Loki) every wish.”

Current Location: Dading it up in Glasgow

New album coming soon!

Samuel Maggs

Hailing from ‘beyond the wall’ (England) Sam is Brainwaves’ resident audio wizard. One week we could be live from the Amazon rainforest, the next on an episode of ‘Mastermind’. Need a cheesy sting for a new segment? Sam’s your guy and claims that he does it through pure magic, no technology required.

Sam’s a sucker for anything from ‘Days of Wonder’ and is a self proclaimed ‘Sushi Pro’ of ‘Sushi Go’. He’s not that into pina coladas, but quite likes getting caught in the rain.

Current location: Drifting through time and space


From time to time folks we know might appear on the site. You can find information about these fine individuals below.

Even the contributors are better looking than Iain

Peter Hopkins

Peter lives in Edinburgh with his family consisting mainly of cats.

He’s been playing and collecting Games Workshop games for around two decades, but his current passion is Arkham Horror: The Card Game: The Living Card Game (yes, that’s the real name).

His podcast is Drawn to the Flame, and can be found in the usual podcast places.