The Galaxy Spanning previewing (part 12 of many)

If you strike the Exhibitors down, they will become more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Tabletop Gaming: The Uk’s biggest hobby gaming mag outside of those GW guys. I keep meaning to get a subscription but haven’t sorted it yet. Time to dive in I reckon.

Tabletop Tyrant: Suppliers of miniature carrying cases.

Temp Worker Assassins: Single game outfit that sounds right up my street. On the list it goes.

Thames and Kosmos: Company with a kid focused bunch of games as well as jumping on the recent Escape Room trend in board gaming.

Lots of the coming next, not how you alphabetise something guys, anyway on with it:

The Bespoke Geek: Folks who make clothing with giant meeples on it so you can pretend to be in a worker placement game?

The City of Kings: A recent Kickstarter that did very well and the game sounded interesting but was a bit too close to Expo for me to back, my wallet is not bottomless unfortunately. Definitely going on the list as it did potentially seem like something I might want in the collection for an adventure board game.

The Clockwork Tea Party: Folks producing Steampunk based clothing and accessories.

The Dice Tower: A podcast and organisation that should need no introduction.

The Diceshop Online: Do you like dice, they have dice. Lots of dice.

The Great Indoors: No idea and hard to google since there is now a TV show by the same name.

The Walrus Games: Everdark by this outfit looks ridiculously ambitious as a product, no idea if it will be a great game. Let’s find out!

The Garage Gamer: Straight up retailer.

Themeborne: I’ve hit these guys up already for bit of a review of their game as it reminded me of old school computer games. ‘Escape the Dark Castle’ is the name of the game.

Thirsty Meeples: The first (?) boardgame cafe in the Uk and still going strong.

Thunder Chrome: Post apocalyptic 3D printed terrain.

Thunder Vaults: An outfit that seems to have some ambitious plans about producing graphic novels that tie into their game lines. First game coming soon so on the list for now.

Time Bomb Comics: Small press comics publisher.

Tin Hat Games: Italian publisher with a game called ‘Dungeon Digger’ currently on Kickstarter. Sounds interesting so on the list they go.

Tinkerbot Games: Company that funded Ghostel successfully last year. On the list for them but they have had quite a lot of good press already so not high up on it.

Tintagel Dice Company: Home of Bob the diceman who was a regular feature of cons I attended down south. Selling gaming accessories but mostly dice, shockingly enough.

Titan Forge: Company producing some really fun looking miniatures and have plans to make games to go with them.

TMG: A mid size boardgame publisher, Eminent Domain is in my collection and pretty damn good. Not one for me this time round. Saying that I have always fancied Flip City.

Tournament Centre: Portal for organising CCG tournaments.

Travelling Man: Retailer with several shops across England but have never made it up to Scotland.

Trinkety: Producer of cute cards and things.

Triple Ace Games:  Publisher mainly focused on roleplaying games but with a few card games under their belt. I played one about raiding tombs last year that was pretty fun, totally forgot to write it up. Not on the list but might swing by if I find time.

Tritex Games: Miniatures retailer.

Troll Trader:  Miniatures retailer.

True Crime Legends: Quite a few gangster themed games coming out at the moment and that is right up my strett. On the list for now.

Turncoat Games: Wargaming miniatures

Let’s make like a Tree and get lost.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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