Brainwaves Episode 64 – Beer Robber

The team are back after their close encounter with a rogue sound effect. Brushing off the audio cobwebs, they jump back into the studio to cover Kickstarter Growth, Catan Beer, Dragonlance Lawsuits, Games Workshop profits and much more on episode 64 of Brainwaves! 

You might notice that Iain Chantler disappears about half way through the cast. Iain had a house emergency to attend to so Jamie and I finished the cast off. 

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Kickstarter rakes in games cash

2020 Vision Cast

Catan Beer taken by the robber

Catan Snugglies

FFG permaban themselves and all users

N ews

Dragonlance lawsuit comes to an end

Origins mix up their awards, again

Games Workshop announce record profits

UK tabletop industry does well in 2020

Nickelodeon Board Game Recalled

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