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Iain Chantler has been given time off by Jamie so it’s up the remaining Iain to fill the shoes of two Iains! With fewer big news stories than recently the team have an interview with Ian Parovel of Boardgame Arena regarding their recent acquisition by Asmodee. On top of that they cover some updates to Wizards of the Coasts legal entanglements, the world of Pokemon scalpers, and an ancient game brought back to life in beautiful detail. All this, and more, on episode 67 of Brainwaves

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Asmodee acquires Boardgame Arena


Gale Force Nine and Wizards of the Coast settle

ACD Distribution takes hit in case against Wizards of the Coast

Pokemon Scalpers Target McDonalds

Pokemon product supply issues

Fantasy Flight Games brings Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game to an end

Royal game of UR faithfully recreated

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