Brainwaves Episode 79 – Wizard Workshop

It’s episode 79 of Brainwaves! Join Iain and Jamie as they inspect the underbelly of the industry so you don’t have to. This cast the team report on finances at Wizards of the Coast and Games Workshop, abuse allegations, a games company going under, D&D competitions going awry and much more! They also announce the Brainwaves Apprenticeship. Listen in to find out how to get involved! 

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Wizards of the Coast post sales figures

Games Workshop Sales, Wages


Longer Version


Gates Dowd abuse allegations


Tasty Minstrel’s bankruptcy issues

D&D cancels competition amid backlash

Z-Man’s new head is oddly familiar

Hybrid card sells a lot

CCG post

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Game of Life: Super Mario edition

Brooklyn 99 Cluedo

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