The Final Previewing (part 13 of many)

Unlucky for some!

UFO Press: Small outfit with a mainly RPG focus, but with a couple of interesting projects that look to cross with the world of card games. On the list for now.

Urban Meadows: Company specialising in some anime themed card games.

Utherwald Press: A small press RPG outfit from Norwich who are producing Savage Worlds based games.

Vesuvius Media Ltd.:  A company producing boardgames but also online MMOs. Not sure of the size so probably not on the list for now.

Viking Crafts: Does exactly what it says on the tin, producer of Viking themed clothing and games.

Vital Sparks: Not sure what this is.

Warcradle Studios: Home of Wild West Exodus, a western themed game full of magic and aliens in a very Doomtown-esque manner. Nice minis but not for me.

Warlord Games: Publishers of a variety of historical miniature wargames as well as the Gates of Antares which is a Sci-fi game from a former GW employee.

Warm Acre: Not really check these folks out before, but they are going on the list this time out. Quite fancy checking out their Jane Austen themed game.

Wayspotting: This is odd. Seems to go to some kind of website based game but with no instructions that I can see.

Wild Boar Games: Small press RPG publisher.

Wild West Exodus: Hmm, Warcradle Studios seems to be the parent company of Wild West Exodus and an off shoot of Wayland Games. This is the actually homepage of the game itself.

Wingo Games: One of the big board game production companies out of China. Really good quality.

Wolff Designa: Small company producing a Moba themed boardgame called Guards of Atlantis and on the cusp of launching a new Kickstarter for a Sci-fi 4x called Warpgate. On the list for now as I haven’t heard of them before now.

World Forge Games: Small mini design studio that also sells some bits and pieces for other games best I can tell.

Wotan Games: All aboard the bus, or at least that is what they had at Expo last year. Not actually checked out any of their games before. I would judge them to be medium sized so not on the list for now.

Wreck and Ruin: The last but not least of the local designers, Mark has a great game on his hands full of post apocalyptic combat and mayhem. I urge you to check it out.

Xi Cards Ltd: I have seen this game for the last few years at Expo but never had a chance to check it out. That  trend will probably continue this year, as I can’t get into another expandable game!

Yay Games: Small press publisher who tours a lot of cons with their stable of games. Going on the list for now as I haven’t tried out Ominoes yet.

Z-Man Games: A big publisher with a load of games under it’s belt. You are bound to have played one or two of their games.

And relax. That’s me done. Sort of. Going to go back through for a mop up of anyone added recently. Also need to start filtering down my list of folks to visit. A few meetings setup already.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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