Brainwaves Episode 59 – Rap Shoes

The team is excited to bring you their first cast live from Essen! Turns out it’s been cancelled. Boo. Gathering themselves and retreating back to the confines of their hotel room the team diligently bring you the latest in tabletop gaming news: Wizards getting sued, more awards, chess cheating continued, rappers, Pokemon and much, much more in episode 59 of Brainwaves! 

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Wizards taken to court over Dragonlance Books

International Gamers Award Game of the Year Nominees Announced

Chess Cheating Crisis Continues


Wu-Tang Clan play chess for Charity

Rapper Logic buys pokemon card for $200,574

Geek Retreat to expand

Dragonmeet Cancelled

Sign up to GM

Haba USA gets new CEO

Hasbro President retiring

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Exec Producers: Lucky Sparrow Gaming Cafe

Shaun Newan

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Catan Shoes?

Mojo Nation article

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