Our Patrons

Our patrons make it easier for us to afford to host the site and podcast. We are always grateful to everyone who just shares our work around but for those who want to go a little further we want to thank them on this page. 

Thank you to the following Patrons

Executive Producers

James Naylor – James has been on the cast, we previewed his game Magnate and is an all round excellent chap.

Shaun Newman – Shaun is part of the Gamealot team who make and review games. game-a-lot.fun/en


Lloyd Burt

David Dolliver – my brother in law who is a rather good mini painter. Check out his facebook page.

Hal Duncan

Campbell Kinnaird

Simon Marr

Matt Machell – Matt runs Realms publishing, an indie RPG label you should check out.

Alex Mordue – Alex has been a friend of mine for a long time and is an excellent engineer/mechanic. You can check out his efforts in the world of Robot Fighting here.

Robbie Munn – Robbie runs Gumley Games, has been on the cast as a reporter and has also been interviewed as part of our Meeting of Minds series. We have reviewed both Summoner’s Isle and Sumo Gnomes. Robbie became a patreon after our Sumo Gnomes review.

William Nichols

We’re not Wizards – a fellow Scottish podcast mainly focused on interviews with a wide range of gaming folk.